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I double checked and it's actually version 3.15. Anyway, I read through that thread. I do seem to remember having that problem of not showing 9999 mpg ( 0 LHK) before I installed my kill switch. With the kill switch it works fine though. It takes a couple of seconds but it goes to 0 so that is not my issue. I am in Hybrid as well. I was more interested in the data logging (Does the EM update do data logging?) and wondering if the upgrade might help some other little annoyances that I've had since new.

One is the LOD reading in both cars I've used it on never reads very high. You guys talk about 80-90% LOD on the pulse. At WOT I've never seen more than 75- 80 in either car. Also, it is nearly impossible to keep calibrated accurately.
I'm wondering if that daily reset issue that some of you mentioned after the update resolved itself or do they take longer to reset now?

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