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Originally Posted by ScottyWarpNine View Post
I'm having trouble programming my PIC. I have quite a bit of experience working with AVR microcontrollers, but MPLab is some voodoo magic.
Assuming that you have loaded the latest MPLAB X ... I`d agree with the voodoo. I have yet to get Paul`s code to compile. Last time I threw it in the corner in disgust was ... mid last year or so.

I'm assuming what I need to do is take the C files and Hex files in the "ACController" folder and put them into an MPLab project, which would compile into a hex file which would be flashed onto the PIC?
If you can get the Import Legacy to work, I believe that is supposed to be the path from the older MPLAB projects to the new. It does not find any files that it likes the extensions of .. for me.

Creating a new project and adding the .C and .H files manually gives me a few screens full of errors. I think the hex files are the output and will be over-written if you do things right.

The new code is a bit bigger than the old code (from MPLAB 8.x) but I believe that it still fits into the PIC. Paul had tested the newer version of MPLAB and did not like it. But I think he got it to compile.

I tried to get his older copy of MPLAB running on my laptop and failed.

So I keep bugging him to send me the various files .. as a backup .. but so far I have not been able to build hex files.

Could somebody guide me through this?

If you find someone - let me know! MPLAB X may be the new way of doing things .. but it does not like my install. It likely has some doofus path hard-coded ... or something equally lame.

I have been meaning to do a clean install on a plain-jane windows 7 machine with default paths for everything and see if that clears things up ... but MPLAB X has not made it to page 1 of the todo list.
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