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Originally Posted by JockoT View Post
I realise that but he could be pulled over at any time. If I had been a traffic car I would have given him a pull. If you'd seen the car you would have realised it was not an enthusiast. It was just a clapped out banger. Not long from the crusher.
Here in Australia, it's legal to have a hotdog muffler on a turbo car. That's what I have, which is straight-through after the cat.

I doubt any cop here is going to be complaining about a 1.3T or whatever it is with a cat-back straight pipe. Except if the car is post 2016.

Lot's of JDM cars here get some sort of Exhaust upgrade. Emissions are only checked when the Authorities develop an attitude about the mods of any particular anti-social type car - which is sortof half acceptable.

If the COpen had 1200hp then it might get an emissions check but before that probably not.
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