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Quality sells its self regardless of a name. Skoda is the best example every one use to know skoda for the jokes. now even the police use them so no one will be laughing when they ard done for speeding by a cop in a diesel skoda. Its always now remarked that skoda are better that the more expensive VWs since the vw grope took over skoda they have transformed. My dad loves to tell me how his kia has higher miles on the clock but requires 50% less work done than any of the other cars on his fleet. They have been so good that kia no longer give free breakdown cover with the cars because no one was using it they were never breaking down lol. Diesels will comply with the US very soon. 2009 is set to see lots of diesels enter the US market I posted a list on another forum i will try and dig it up at some point.
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