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Old 08-19-2008, 08:52 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Ecomodded Kia Ceed. Factory fit ecomodding!!!

I already love the kia ceed it has one of the best little Diesels engines around
but its going to get better. I sat in the Eco ceed at the London motor show a few weeks ago. The standard ceed has already been a huge hit in the UK its
vary much a rival to the Golf mk5 , what is the rabbit / GIT mk5 in the USA

Kia are becoming a BIG player in the car market now and they are set for big things! Get onto your US KIA dealer and presure them to bring the ceed to the USA. The ceed was designed by Peter Schreyer now head of design at
kia. before moveing to Kia He has worked for VW and Audi designing the audi A6 the audi TT

1953 - Born in Bad Reichenhall, Deutschland
1975 - Begins his studies at the Industrie Design Fachhochschule (Industrial Design professional school), Munchen
1978 - Stage at AUDI AG's Design Studio
1979 - Final diploma Industrie Designer FH
1979 - Audi Scholarship for the Royal College of Art, London
1979-1980 - Transportation Design student at the Royal College of Art, London
1980 - Works at Audi Design, Exterieur, Interieur und Konzept
1991-1992 - Works at Audi Design Studio, California, USA.
1992-1993 - Audi Design, Concept Studio
1993 - Volkswagen AG, Exterior Design
1995 - Founder and Jury member of "Internationaler Audi design Förderpreis"
1996-1998 - Audi A4 Avant, Audi A3 winning projects
1999 - Audi Design Team of the Year
1999-2002 Volkswagen AG Design
2003 Winner of the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Kia is planning to launch a range of ECO cee'd models starting from December 2008. The 2008 Kia ECO cee'd model range will have significantly reduced fuel consumption and emissions and will meet the Euro-5 emissions standard.

KIA Press Release:

Kia plans to market ‘eco’ versions of cee’d models Production of ‘eco’ cee’d models planned from December 2008
Significantly reduced fuel consumption and lowered emissions
Will meet Euro5 emissions more than two years before requirement
Retains best-in-class 7-Years Warranty and EuroNCAP 5-Star rating

Kia Motors has confirmed that it will add ‘eco’ versions of the Kia cee’d model to its product line-up early in 2009. Based on the green-performance eco_cee’d concept car first shown at last month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, the new ‘eco’ versions of Kia cee’d will achieve better fuel consumption, with fewer emissions – while still delivering a lively, spirited drive.
All the technologies featured on the eco_cee’d concept car will be transferred to the new ‘eco’ range of production models, which Kia is planning to manufacture at its Zilina facility in Slovakia, from December 2008.

“The rapid transfer of the green-performance eco_cee’d concept’s features into production ‘eco’ versions of the cee’d, demonstrates Kia’s vision for the way ahead to a greener future,” enthuses Jean-Charles Lievens, Senior Vice President Kia Motors Europe. “Our new ‘eco’ range will also confirm Kia’s commitment to creating environmentally friendly
and fuel efficient production models – without losing sight of customer expectations for cars with a sporty design and fun-to-drive performance.”

The Frankfurt Show concept car, which was based on the new three-door Kia pro_cee’d hatchback fitted with a 1.6-litre CRDi diesel engine, boasted a combination of small but significant modifications and equipment additions to the standard vehicle. These resulted in a 17% reduction in fuel consumption (down to just 3.9 litres/100km), and lower CO2 emissions (just 104 g/km, down 8.4%).

Aerodynamic enhancements cut drag to Cd 0.29

The impressive performance, fuel economy and emissions figures of the concept car were largely the result of improved aerodynamics which brought the drag coefficient down from Cd 0.33 to just Cd 0.29, representing a significant improvement of 11%.

Following extensive wind-tunnel testing, Kia engineers lowered the concept’s suspension, fitted under-floor coverings to the front, middle and rear of the vehicle, adopted wheel arch linings with ‘spoiler’ lips to smooth airflow around the wheels, plus a low-drag front grille to improve air flow over the vehicle.
Finally, ultra-low rolling resistance Michelin tyres were mounted on special 17-inch alloy wheels that generate minimum disturbance to the airflow along the sides of the car.

Euro5 emissions, enhanced electronics and reduced engine friction

Engines for the ‘eco’ cee’d models will already comply with the Euro5 emissions regulations which come into force in January 2011. Engine changes which will transfer to the ‘eco’ cee’d range from the concept car include measures to maximise fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, such as reduced turbo boost pressure (diesel models), enhanced fuel injection timing, modified residual gas rates and reductions in internal engine friction.

New ISG (Idle Stop&Go) system

To maximise the value of the aerodynamic and powertrain improvements, the new ‘eco’ cee’d models will be fitted with Kia’s new ISG (Idle Stop&Go) system, including Smart battery Power Management. This system has regenerative braking, which automatically recharges the battery during deceleration, and switches the engine off when the car is stopped and the engine is at idle, dramatically cutting both fuel consumption and emissions during typical stop-start city driving.

More gears, lower revs, lower consumption

All the new ‘eco’ cee’d’ models will be fitted with a new six-speed manual gearbox instead of the five-speed used on standard cars. Higher ratios for fourth, fifth and sixth gears will improve fuel consumption at motorway speeds. First, second and third gears retain the standard ratios to ensure that the dynamic performance of the standard car accelerating from standstill is carried over. To further guarantee that the ‘eco’ cee’d models’ engines and transmissions are always operating at high efficiency, an ECU-controlled ‘Shift Indicator’ will be fitted in the instrument cluster. This displays the optimum gear choice for the speed at which the car is travelling, and indicates the ideal moment (based on road speed and engine speed) at which to change gear.

Customer choices for a greener future

The new ‘eco’ cee’d product line-up will include all three regular cee’d body styles – five-door, three-door and wagon – to continue Kia’s policy of maximising customer choice. All ‘eco’ cee’d models will retain the standard cee’d electric power steering, fully independent suspension and all-disc braking system, so the ‘eco-friendly’ cars will be just as much fun to drive as the regular models.

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Good info. Some info was posted before, but I think this is much more in depth.
Current project: A better alternator delete
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Unheard -

Originally Posted by Unheard View Post
I already love the kia ceed it has one of the best little Diesels engines around
but its going to get better. I sat in the Eco ceed at the London motor show a few weeks ago.


This is my favorite picture, the belly pan. It's a prototype for us. Can someone explain the louver/vents in the rear pan? I was expecting a rear diffuser. Do you think they are for helping "bottled up stagnant air" escape from all the places where it can get stuck?


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Originally Posted by Unheard View Post
Get onto your US KIA dealer and presure them to bring the ceed to the USA.
The problem isn't the dealers. Its meeting emissions requirements. Getting a diesel to meet emissions requirements is next to impossible in the US.

KIA also has a marketing disadvantage to overcome. Its name is the abbreviation for "Killed In Action". Not the greatest thing to be associated with when selling compact cars.
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I am active duty Marine Corps, and have never thought of that before. I have always associated Kia with 'cheap small cars' not Killed In Action. Funny. I do hope the Ceed comes to the US tho. They can send me a shell if they would like to avoid emissions, and I will put my own powerplant in it.......(geo metro 1.0L)
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KIA = Korean Inferior Auto. BTW no offense intended to Kia owners or Koreans, just teasing. Just like we tease FORD = Found On Road Dead.


Allan Greenblazer
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Feeble Italian Attempt at Transportation
Good Engineering Overlooked
Big Ugly Import Car Killer
or (here's one for you, Greenblazer)
Too Often, Yankees Overprice This Auto.

Sorry, off topic.
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I just bought my Kia Rio, and I'm extremely happy. It's nothing like the older, crappier cars Kia used to make. Ever since Hyundai bought them out, they've been doing some great things...surprisingly. It was inexpensive and has very good fuel economy. I'm happy.

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Quality sells its self regardless of a name. Skoda is the best example every one use to know skoda for the jokes. now even the police use them so no one will be laughing when they ard done for speeding by a cop in a diesel skoda. Its always now remarked that skoda are better that the more expensive VWs since the vw grope took over skoda they have transformed. My dad loves to tell me how his kia has higher miles on the clock but requires 50% less work done than any of the other cars on his fleet. They have been so good that kia no longer give free breakdown cover with the cars because no one was using it they were never breaking down lol. Diesels will comply with the US very soon. 2009 is set to see lots of diesels enter the US market I posted a list on another forum i will try and dig it up at some point.
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In Cree, "Kia" means "You."
"Bottled up stagnant air" is not a problem unless it is overheating near an exhaust pipe. It is better to let pressure build up in pockets - that keeps more from getting rammed in and also forced through any little gaps. Gliders are carefully sealed to prevent any unintended flow between pressure regions.

There is no excuse for a land vehicle to weigh more than its average payload.
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