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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
All of the big cities in China have horendous air quality. And they are the biggest emerging car market. The last thing they need is another source of air pollution right in the cities adding to the problem. So it it is easy to see why they are motivated to ban ICE vehicles strictly on air quality. It doesn't have to be a devious investment scheme or world monopoly plan. Just an opportunity to skip one step in the automotive evolution since the vast majority there have yet to buy their first car. Similar to the way wireless communication has skipped hanging wires to landline phones in developing countries.
I don't think they care about the air quality, if anything they like it as it keeps people from getting old. Otherwise they would be making old people into Soylent Green or something.
I think developing countries skipped landlines because of cost, not because it's better or cleaner technology. If you don't already have the lines it just costs more to add them then cell towers. Cost will always be the driver in developing countries.
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