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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
The cost of cell towers versus land lines in developing countries may cheaper or it may be because of the vast capability advantages of cell towers. But the fact is that for all reasons involved, they skipped an obsolete technology. So these countires are fortunate to have not wasted resources on them.
Cell towers don't give you high speed internet or electricity. If they run polls or trenches they will run both power and phone, cable, or fiber as well. The cell towers are just cheap and easy. The people will want those "obsolete" technologies, and as soon as they can afford to pay enough to make it profitable, companies will put them in also. Ironically I must live somewhere lower than 3rd world as everyday I am without cell coverage on my mail route and I'm a "city carrier". Good thing with all the modern tracking done on our fleets nowadays, supervisors actually have to get off their butts if they want to know what I'm doing all day LOL!

I'm probably a bit pessimistic about China actually caring about their people but I am old enough to remember them mobilizing with deadly force 300,000 heavily armed and trained troops against their own unarmed citizens. I also understand how the largest and fastest aging population on the planet is going to be impossible to ignore. Last time they ran the army against college kids and workers, next time it will be some poor dude with alzheimer's stumbling around in front of a tank not even knowing he's leading a revolution.
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