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The motor I built has developed a knock. F.
Oh well. I'm stuck at a cross-roads now.

Option #1:
Get a junkyard Explorer motor with the aluminum block and PI heads. It has a 30 day warranty on it. Swap them out and go.

Option #2:
My buddy offered up a Teksid (aluminum) block with stock rotating assembly. If I put my PI heads on that with the flat topped pistons, it should be near 12.1:1 compression. That's outstanding, and will require premium gas.

Now, with the second option, will the increased engine efficiency from the higher compression be enough to offset the cost of running premium? I've been using my Google skills and reading up on this, and even from 8:1 to 9:1, the efficiency goes up 5%-6%.
I found a research paper on this, but I forgot where I saw it. Trying to find it now.

-ryan s.
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