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"It can take 20 years for a forest to recover from a hurricane." Forests Can Handle Hurricanes, Unless Humans Interfere - Atlas Obscura

"One 2007 study found that the amount of carbon lost in Hurricane Katrina could be equivalent to all of the carbon U.S. forests normally absorb in year’s time."

"Even in a drought year, when forests capture less carbon, the boost provided by a cyclone can help forests soak up more carbon than all the vehicles in the U.S. emit in a year."

The Rodeo–Chediski Fire still has not recovered from fifteen years ago. If I ever move out there, I want to try to plant some trees. Otherwise, my goodness that would be a long drive to do that!

This was what I wanted!

As well as acting as a barrier against tsunamis, cyclones and hurricanes, mangrove forests provide society with a range of other 'ecological services'. These include preventing coastal erosion, protecting coral reefs from silting up, and providing a source of timber, food and traditional medicines.
Mangrove forests 'can reduce impact of tsunamis' - SciDev.Net

It sounds like we need more mangrove forests.
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