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Does loading the engine at low Rpms damage an engine?

Yes Especially with age. my first three cars suffered this fate before I learned.
Your piston rings need a oil film, low rpms limits lubrication, and increases soot and blowby, both of which will further lower your lubrication. esspically if your car has over 150,000 miles, your better off getting power in the normal operation rang. when i was 16, i needed to get all over the place with very little founds so I did this EVERY WHERE I WENT all three of my first cars died of bad pistons rings. I used to get 40+ MPG AS A DELIVERY DRIVER!!! fast my friends i was fast and i was about efficiency. like its been said high milage is a diffrent kind of extreme on engines. Just becuse your not, go fast doesnt mean your not asking alot of your engine!! one thing you can do to help is ENGINE BREAK this helps suck oild back onto the cylinder walls.

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