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Update: I received the circuit board for the SG about a week after they shipped it. I just installed it Monday as I have been waiting till I was close to wanting to fill up. The new board was very easy to install and instructions were clear.
So far I've noticed the same problem that was mentioned in the linked thread above, the daily average doesn't reset overnight like it used to. I had to leave my car at work today so I'll see if it resets tomorrow. Not sure why it would do that but it's not a huge deal. I did prefer to record my daily trip avg rather than the current ones.
The voltage gauge is more accurate than before and LOD feels like it's reading higher than before (purely subjective, might be my imagination). I never had the problem that others were having with showing fuel use in EOC so it seems nothing changed. I saw 0 L/100 km in EOC but it changed to 9999 L/100 km when stopped. It still does the same now (I thought it should read 0 even stopped). I'm still looking forward to playing with the performance monitor and see if it is helpful. So, as if now, the jury is still out as to whether the upgrade was worth it. The nice thing about the board is I can still go back if I decide I don't like the new version. I probably won't though.

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