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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
The Insight makes its efficiency gains by being 1800lbs as well

The tax rate on my electric use is over 200% and my "electric" car uses gas also.

Would you pay 200% tax on your gas?
Right, so the insight pays less in fuel tax than the F150. The insight hybrid should pay the same fuel tax that a purely gasoline powered version would pay.

The fuel tax is set so that it is proportional to the amount of wear that the average vehicle associated with that level of fuel consumption applies to the road as it burns that gallon of fuel.

By taxing each gallon, that wear is paid for proportionate to how much wear that individual driver&Car applies to the road, because they will burn a proportionate amount of fuel.

It is a very fair system.

However, there is currently no equivalent way to meter usage in electric cars. So, the easiest way to distribute that cost was to figure an average usage, average cost, and then assign a charge. As they gain in popularity, it will make sense to figure out a fairer system.
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