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A friend of mine proposed a location that sold recently to a mystery investor. I drove past and had a look.

I'm not saying that it's the place, just that it is the perfect lair for a super-villan. Blocks from a divided four-lane, up a 'no outlet' side street, to a gated lane that snakes up into the South Hills. It would fit Arcimoto's circumspect style.

...why can't it be right across the street from me, next to the train yard?

Found this in the transcript of the investor conference call:

Q: Are you using the new Panasonic 21700 cells in the battery system?

A: Not currently. We are sourcing our cells from Farasis, the same manufacturer who makes cells for the Brammo/Polaris Empulse and the Zero Electric Motorcycles. They make an awesome pouch cell that will power our initial production vehicles.

Q: What is the SRK’s drag coefficient?

A: We have not determined this yet. The Signature Series body panels are being tooled currently. We plan to measure this directly once the signature vehicles are on the road.

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