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Originally Posted by sendler
Can they make a GigaWatt continuous?
That's the joke, there aren't any AFAIK. I looked around and found these:

With regards to energy alternatives, there is no consensus among local experts and activists as to what would work. FRA does not oppose wind energy, just as long as such projects are not placed on farm land...."We oppose wind energy projects. Wind is an intermittent, unpredictable energy source," activist José Francisco Sáez-Cintrón told IPS. "We support other options like solar, hydroelectric, tidal power and ocean thermal energy*."

I hope they do install many more solar capabilities–but I also hope they don’t stop with only solar power. True resiliency lies in diversity. It seems possible that wind power (maybe not during hurricanes) and perhaps tidal power generation (after all, Puerto Rico is surrounded by ocean) also might be renewable contributions to Puerto Rico’s energy resources.

That second article has some interesting pictures:

An artist’s rendering of a tidal fence to harvest tidal energy, based on a design by Energy BC, of British Columbia, Canada.

No geodesic dome, but it has a circular plan and clear-span roof so it's pretty close. The radial truss floors are interesting.

* That would be OTEC
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