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Only safe way to deal with nuclear waste is to lock it in a crystal. They've made batteries by enclosing waste in a diamond, but they only understand how to do that with particular isotopes.

Energy can only be released from matter. The easiest such energy to release is energy created by monolithic natural processes, whether gravity in the case of fossil fuels or solar. It's probably reasonable to use nuclear for spaceships, but elsewise we're probably better off tempering our passions. In terrestrial terms our generation (and research capacities) are limited. To truly advance we will need to conduct experiments far from the solar plane, at a perpendicular, where there is little gravitational interference.

It might be reasonable to ask what practical applications of CO2 are. If we could recycle/repurpose the gas instead of releasing it into the atmosphere, then that would be helpful.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Just think of what the believers could accomplish if they all actually did something instead of talking about what everyone else should be doing.
I agree with you. But how much we can accomplish alone I'm unsure of. Regarding fuel efficiency, it will avail little if efficiency gains are leveraged to keep consumption per capita constant in the name of safety. As it is, we seem to be in a race to make the most tank-like, fuel efficient and consumption stable vehicle. This situation faces believers with a choice between their own immediate safety and doing right by the environment. Or maybe not even... as new car designs seem to simply be leveraging efficiency gains into metal without direct consumer input.

The new cars are truly tank-like! A couple nights ago I saw two of them involved in an accident at an intersection. One plowed through a red light and side-rammed the other. The culprit apparently didn't feel like getting an insurance premium increase and drove off by plowing the side of the victim, leaving them to hobble along down the street somewhere. The plastic wheel skirt of one of the two had fallen off into the road and there was a pool of liquid remaining at the site of the accident, but beyond that I could see little exterior damage to either vehicle.

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