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Leading by example.

Originally Posted by Natalya View Post
I've done a lot in my personal life to reduce my carbon footprint but I am just one person, I don't amount to much.

- All LEDs at home
- Switched from gas guzzler V6 to hybrids plus eco mods
- Don't eat meat every day anymore
- Started buying secondhand clothes
- Don't use plastic bags at grocery store
- Reusing and recycling

I also used to bike for short distance trips but my bike got stolen. But now I live in a place where that wouldn't work.

Anyway, I feel like I've done a lot of "walking the walk" when it comes to this. But I'm only one person, it's going to take more than me.
I run a business. I often take a new hire under my wing for a few days.

I run him ragged as he tries to keep up with me doing all the dirty jobs around the shop from sorting and stacking the scrap metal to changing and cleaning the coolant sumps under the CNC machines and even to the vile job of cleaning the bathrooms ( I used to work as a janitor when I immigrated to this country so I am particular about those toilets )!

I then train him for the specific job he signed up for. If they haven't quit yet, they often turn out to be a great hire. When I ask my employees to do the most difficult things, I get little push back because they know I have been there too. I have done what I am asking them to do.

I was at a Hollywood function where a young starlet appeared with her vegetable oil powered Mercedes. It was nice that she was into saving our planet by using waste material in her vehicle but it became very apparent after engaging her in some discussion that she did little else to reduce her consuming lifestyle. Something as simple as recycling trash was beyond her concept. And yet, here she was speaking on the need to reduce our carbon footprint and to stop global warming. Her words rang hollow with me.

When you are a "doer", your words take on much more authority when you make a plea for action. Your deeds then are much better able to be multiplied.
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