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I really would like to know what you are talking about in this passage.

Originally Posted by tcaud View Post
Only safe way to deal with nuclear waste is to lock it in a crystal. They've made batteries by enclosing waste in a diamond, but they only understand how to do that with particular isotopes.

Energy can only be released from matter. The easiest such energy to release is energy created by monolithic natural processes, whether gravity in the case of fossil fuels or solar. It's probably reasonable to use nuclear for spaceships, but elsewise we're probably better off tempering our passions. In terrestrial terms our generation (and research capacities) are limited. To truly advance we will need to conduct experiments far from the solar plane, at a perpendicular, where there is little gravitational interference.

I have a strong nuclear physics background and worked with a team in the design and implementation of an accelerator during the Reagan years and . . . I have no idea what you are talking about.
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