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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Have you tried using Turo? There are many more interesting choices there.
It's not on my company's preferred vendor list. As a result, I only rent from National and Enterprise.

That said, it's about time we had a personal vehicle rental market. My idea on this came from my annoyance of paying $10 day to park my vehicle at my local airport, and then needing to pay for a rental at my destination. The perfect solution would be to drive to the airport to depart, and shortly thereafter someone would rent your vehicle for most of the duration of your trip. Upon arriving at the destination, someone there would have a vehicle available to rent. Everyone needing a place to park at departure and needing a vehicle at arrival is a silly, silly problem.

Last night there was a man carrying a pole-saw to the checkout of Home Depot. I was thinking to myself that I use mine for about 30 minutes per year, if that. Silly that everyone needs their own pole-saw, lawn mower, leaf blower, ladder, garbage can, etc, etc. Why do we need a garbage truck to stop every 20ft to grab an individual can? I'm sure the whole cul-de-sac I live in could share a dumpster.
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