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Originally Posted by mazdamx640 View Post
Finally got tires
But I didn't pay $250 each I got a lightly used set on Craigslist with about 75% tread left for $100
They're what I run on my truck. But MPG is better with the closed shoulder A/S model. I lost .75-1.00 to annual average, easily.

Be sure to check date code on tires. Five or more years (seven) is getting near end.

Biggest problem with pickups is steering.

Bilstein 4160 shocks, first, to help it track.

Then, from new steering column shaft, all the way out to new tie rods.

All the aero in the world won't offset "wander".

Pickups have bad road feel, new. And being to read the road and adapt is big. One needs to be able to distinguish between road problems and wind problems.

A pickup where the driver can't make these distinctions can't accurately tune the suspension, which they all need. They'll go down the highway sawing the wheel and the truck is at mercy of ruts and adverse wind. Bye-bye margin. It's all sucked up as extra HP demand, whether at low speed (rolling resistance) or high speed (aero resistance).

IOW, there's no way to get a clean baseline.

Tire pressure according to Load, alignment and no brake drag are great. But if one wants best MPG, it's steering first, suspension tuning second, and aero last.

Addco and Helwig both make replacement anti-roll bars. Is there one on rear?

Sort out what you'll do with drivetrain, first. Because after zeroed tracking problems comes wind effect on body. Where some (possibly) different anti-roll bars will isolate steering from crosswind.

The aerocap WILL increase sail area.

Load the truck, and a tired old front end will steal your efforts.

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