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I never corrected the mistaken impression above. The 'supervillian lair' is the "old" Hynix fab plant out on Willow Creek. That went to Corning, the people who make Gorilla glass. My new hope is that Corning will make gorilla glass windshields for Arcimoto. The actual location is 2034 W 2nd Ave, which is close in on the West side.

In the blurry first picture the yellow one on the right is old number 1, and the others are arrayed in cardinal order. That area will later be for intake and sorting of materials. Their BFL, the laser tube and sheet cutter was delivered today. It can produce pieces for 28,000 vehicles per year. They also have a CNC tube bender. The production line is maybe 1/4 the floor space. They had four vehicles bunched up together in various stages of assembly.

The other two pictures are of the first of the Signature series (of six IIRC). New features include a completely redesigned rear swing arm, a soft molded rain gutter along the top, a folding rear seat, better fit and finish in the dashboard area. Later it was completely surrounded by people ten deep.

I had a chance to talked to Mr. Frohnmayer. ....right after he was interviewed by Car & Driver! I told him I'd prefer to crew for someone else to run the first Arcimoto at Bonneville, because that could happen much faster than me getting my own there.

I think a nearly stock Arcimoto* with BMW i3 tires and a boat tail could run 100 to 120mph.

I hope that's enough for tonight. On the 18-19th they will be giving out free rides.

*It's officially no longer the SRK, it's now the Arcimoto FUV.

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