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NeilBlanchard — Unexpectedly?

The Current Solar Minimum and Its Consequences for Climate - Evidence-Based Climate Science - Chapter 11


The current solar minimum, named here the Eddy Minimum, is a de Vries Cycle event expected to consist of Solar Cycles 24 and 25. It arrived on schedule at 210 years after the start of the last major minimum, the Dalton Minimum from 1798. Work by Fix (this volume) suggests that this minimum will be two solar cycles long.
Solar cycles are 11 years long.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4
Around 2/3 of people think climate change, both natural and man made is an important issue. I agree climate change could easily kill off 95% of the population. The last ice age may have killed off up to 99% of humans.
If we can engineer the technology to live on Mars, we can engineer the technology to live on an Ice Age Earth.

Thus it comes down to willingness to share the technology with the 95% of humanity that is focused on pets, sports and religion.

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