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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
Why then do hunter gathering societies typically regulate their population to a steady number over centuries.

And no it’s not the “environment “ that does it.
Infant mortality, diseases, lack of resources, lack of protein sources (mhm... cannibalism)


Of course, we're not hunter gatherers. Hunter gatherer societies are societies in stasis, with no growth. But not always due to design.

There's a reason the number of young people willing to stay inside these tribes dwindles to nothing once they've been exposed to modern life.

We're modern humans who've grown up with the idea of continuous growth. But we still retain the same feast-or-famine instincts as our forebearers. Consume as much as possible now, in case you catch nothing on tomorrow's hunt.

Which is also why so many modern humans are obese.

We are biologically driven to consume to survive. Our instincts are of no help in terms of conservation. Conservation has to be taught.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
If we can engineer the technology to live on Mars, we can engineer the technology to live on an Ice Age Earth.

Thus it comes down to willingness to share the technology with the 95% of humanity that is focused on pets, sports and religion.
Technically, we can engineer almost anything, given infinite time and resources.

Obviously, we don't have that much. So it comes down to how much we can do.