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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
The combination of making the price of diesel fuel nearly a buck a gallon higher, reducing engine efficiency to the point that diesels barely get any more MPG than gas pigs, and making the engines be sold at a huge premium for no quantiable benefit kills the diesel in the US. This forecloses any serious efforts to increase fleet MPG. You can play your little games with duct tape on your radiator inlets forever, but that will not be as effective as having an engine that is 25-50% more efficient.

VW Jettas with gas-pig engines struggled to get more than 25 MPG. Diesel (pre-Tier II) Jettas routinely got 40. With ULSD and Tier II, that effiency is just a memory.

Yeah. I've got it in for the EPA. They slew their dragon in the 80s but they keep wrecking the country to continue justifying their existence. They are wrecking my country and I despise them for that reason.
If by dragon you mean pollution and emissions, you're way off. We just recently started reducing smog emissions like we should. Go to the epa, you will see that even four bangers(gas) in 2000 were putting out over 60# of smog forming emissions,now comparable cars are putting out 6# a year. That's 90% less smog and acid rain forming emissions because epa standards are becoming more strict. And we have all seen the recent reduction of co2 emissions. So don't say their job is done because the air in the cities still sucks and we're still doing more damage. Diesels were really dirty, they are getting cleaner and I'm happy for that. And i have yet to see a car model that even comes close in their rated fuel economy in gas to what they get in diesel. I think you're just using the epa as a scape goat for the side effects of cleaner diesel. Epa didn't design the engines, they just set the standards. Blame it on the car companies that Didn't take the initiative in the first place and are now making all of us pay for it. I for one don't hate the epa(i disagree with them when they do stupid things) but i like to breathe and not have lung cancer.