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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Well, my extensive Internet research says that all of you are wrong and 75 MPH may not be fast enough.

Well, nobody actually wrote that, but that is more or less what the manager of the Flagstaff O'Reilly told me.

I just replaced the PCV valve and now I need to swap out the thermostat?! Why couldn't my $250 car have been reliable?!

Well, I did a thing, and my engine seemed to almost warm up in the 1.4 miles at 45 after lunch. We will see how the five-hour drive goes.
I can get a Prius to full operating temperature well below freezing at 65 MPH in a few miles. It's not normal for a vehicle to fail to reach operating temperature on the highway at normal cruising speeds.

BTW- you never mentioned what engine coolant temps you're seeing, so how are we to know if you have a failing thermostat?

A thermostat should run you $10 and take 5 minutes to replace depending on how easily accessible/placed it is.

If you're grill blocking already, then you should easily be able to get the temperature where it needs to be. I would highly suspect a bad thermostat in this case, assuming your temperature gauge is functioning correctly.
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