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My OBD-II reader stopped working, so I need to go off of the temperature gauge. I normally do not run the heater, but I recently tried when I got back to town, and it blew cold, so I imagine my sensor is good, but the thermometer is bad.

I already have it on my list when I get around to replacing my timing belt, but I think I will worry about studying for the GRE first. I finally take it on the 29th!

I just installed the grill block yesterday and I feel quite confused. I used to drive 600 miles per tank, but that slowly dropped to 500. Last week I replaced the PCV valve, drove 141 miles, filled up, drove 133 miles to Page, taped marine wrap over my grill and bumper, shrank it, and drove a total of about 320 miles before hitting half a tank--instead of 250, like my recent tanks.

We will see what my fuel economy is when I fill up, but it looks like I am running risk of getting 40 MPG at 40, while my best tanks were in June and September.

The grill block is weird. On level ground, my engine seems warm, but not overly so, but I needed to turn on the heater when I climbed a hill!

There are worst things than running the heater when it is forty degrees, but I need to adjust the grill block.
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