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A guy on YouTube mixed Aircrete and basalt fibers, but he never showed how any of his experiments turns out, although he shows a number of failures. Maybe the rest are, too.

This is the only time that I have seen him test anything, aside from crumbling stuff with his hand:

Searching for basalt and Aircrete shows hundreds of results that only contain one term. You had one job, Google!

However, I did find this:
"It is possible to add other products to the LITEBUILTŪ Foam Mix to obtain lightweight composite concrete. Notably the use of various fibers increases the strength of the product and prevents cracking in adverse conditions."

I can only wonder what they charge for their sauce.

"A 10% LITEBUILTŪ Foam content in the concrete mix renders it stronger than dense weight concrete."

"Another competitive product is the use of expanded Polystyrene beads in the concrete mix. This process has several drawbacks when compared with LITEBUILTŪ Aerated Lightweight Concrete. Firstly, the Polystyrene beads have to be chemically treated to loose their volatile electrostatic properties. This makes the process expensive. Secondly, Polystyrene tends to gasify in high heat, releasing toxic fumes. A number of Fire Authorities around the world have already expressed concern about the product and some countries have banned the product outright for construction use."

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