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dann_04 -

Originally Posted by dann_04 View Post
What a fun topic, but we can all try to figure out why fuel costs more and everyone will have a different idea. Same with why gasoline costs so much more. There's a thousand reasons. If you hate the epa for cleaning up diesel then i question your sanity. We have been trying to get more diesels on the road in the us and one of the main reasons we couldn't was because of how dirty they were. Now we have cleaner diesel technology that would allow those diesels to hop the pond...but our fuel was too dirty. Now it's cleaner, but it costs a little more. Aw well, at least my skin isn't melting from the rain. And you can't expect diesel to stay dirt cheap as oil becomes more expensive. Gas has gone up substantially, so has diesel. Who cares how it compares to the uk...i'm sure somehow it's apples to oranges(tax, grade, something is bound to be different). If you want things to cost the same as in europe then why aren't you getting upset and questioning why gasoline isn't 9.00 a gallon like in germany? Who cares why it costs more, lets use less or something else. Everything costs more right now anyway.
I think this graphic shows a good comparison :


I don't think you can argue that the US EPA is the e-vile mastermind of ULSD unless you think they control the EPA equivalents of Japan and Europe too.

Changing the subject ...

Diesel Fuel Prices: What Consumers Should Know

Energy Information Administration Brochures

Question: From the above picture, is it true that you get about twice as many gallons of gas as diesel for every barrel of oil or .... ????


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