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Stomp and Steer

Originally Posted by trebuchet03 View Post
I totally do the same thing - just one pump though to flash the brake lights As far as being "bad" for it... Trust me - one empty parking lot + 1 quick stop where the ABS kicks on - you'll just say "damn" and become retrained If the pavement is dry - you can do a test with and without (pull the fuse) and measure the difference in skid length (ABS will have brief skid bursts followed by a no skid spot followed by another burst).
I admit that there may be a negative effect on total-distance-to-stop, but in cornering situations or with stability control, ABS is a critical addition.

"Stomp and Steer"

I recall when the Chevy Caprice Police Package editions hit the streets with Standard ABS (early-to-mid 90's). Officers had been trained to pump the brakes, but during that era, the new models weren't receptive to that process and a few accidents resulted in pursuits.

Currently, the same applies to my folks and in-laws. Their cars have ABS, and I've notice them pumping the brakes in the snow. "Stomp and Steer" has been the advice. It helps steer the vehicle instead of locking-up the front wheels. Good stuff...

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