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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
It's just Coroplast (corrugated plastic)... home made construction. You can get it at places like Home Depot or sign shops.

Same construction technique as the one I just stuck on my 2000 Metro:

No idea! I didn't get around to doing a speed vs. MPG graph for the car this summer. If I had to guess, I'd say around 35 mpg @ 65 mph with the mods that are currently on the car.
Cool man, thanks for that great info. I was driving my Lexus LS400 tonight and the car runs at 2200 RPM's at 65 MPH. It actually runs slightly over 2600 RPM's at 80 MPH. I am going to see what MPG this car gets running it at 65 MPH for a week straight with the cruise control on and drive like I normally do. Then I will try a week of hypermiling at 65 MPH to see what improvements can be made. I will report this back in a new Lexus LS400 post.

You might inspire me to coroplast this Lexus!
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