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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
My favorite commentator addressed the issue last May but Youtube wanted me to see it this morning:
Those are many of the opinions I have on the subject, but playing devil's advocate as I do, I will point out that just because warming has preceded CO2 rise in the past does not necessarily mean that AGW cannot also exist. It could be that temperature has risen naturally, ahead of CO2 levels, and that human activity has compounded the warming at a rate that is detrimental to our health and economy. While I tend not to believe the problem is as gargantuan as doomsday profits would sell you, it is entirely probable that this warming period is different from past warming periods since the human variable is new. When a new variable is introduced to the equation, the results are likely to be different.

Other stuff he alludes to is just whacky. 911 conspiracy, "chemicals" loaded onto commercial jets for nefarious reasons, and worst of all, painting GMOs and fluoride as bad for human consumption.

Everything we eat is a GMO, and has been since agriculture replaced hunting/gathering. When we choose to plant seeds from higher yield crops, we are creating GMOs. Nature is continuously creating GMOs, which is why there is a diversity of life instead of a single type of bacteria. We make GMO people when we exercise preference in physical attributes in a mate.

Fluoride contributes to good oral hygiene, which is a big contributor to overall health. Whatever miniscule detriment it may have on the body is outweighed by the larger benefit. Similar to how free radicals are harmful to cellular DNA, but a necessary byproduct of metabolism. Being alive is the greater good of metabolism compared with the danger of free radicals.

So the guy is kooky, but he's got some good ideas.

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