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Originally Posted by Brian03cav View Post
wow ok, i remembered seeing something on a site saying that highway mileage could be increased if cruise was used, by a pretty decent percentage.
Not true, at least if you drive in hills - and I don't remember too many non-hilly places in Pennsylvania :-)

Cruise control tries to hold a steady speed, so what happens on hills is that it will be going along at the set speed on the level, and when it comes to a hill will increase throttle to keep the same speed going up, then back way off on the downside. That's bad for FE.

What you want is to "rollercoaster": speed up before you come to the hill, lose a bit of speed going up, then let gravity speed you up again going down the other side. If you get a ScanGauge, you'll be able to see this in action :-)
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