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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Electric power steering isn't unique to BEVs, neither is electric water pumps, electric heat pumps, or electric brake boosters. The Gen III Prius is entirely beltless.
You can't go beltless on a 12 volt battery. That is why OEMs are stepping up to 48v (My comment was directed at ksa8907's mention of the 48V system in the new Ram 1500)

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
These advantages will need to outweigh the drawback of limited range and slow charging for consumers to be interested in them. Once the purchase price can beat ICE purchase prices, people will adopt them more. They will still suck at longer trips though. I'd be willing to plan an EV trip and wait at chargers though if gasoline were crazy expensive and DCFC electricity was cheap, but as it is, just the opposite is true.
Range ceases to be an issue at the 200 to 250 miles seen in current EVs. At that point you are covering 98-99% of trips.

Current EVs are already cost competitive with ICE vehicles. The savings in operating cost more than make up for the increased purchase price.

There is absolutely no reason to drive an EV on a long trip. There are plenty of other options.

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