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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
You can't go beltless on a 12 volt battery. That is why OEMs are stepping up to 48v (My comment was directed at ksa8907's mention of the 48V system in the new Ram 1500)

Range ceases to be an issue at the 200 to 250 miles seen in current EVs. At that point you are covering 98-99% of trips.

Current EVs are already cost competitive with ICE vehicles. The savings in operating cost more than make up for the increased purchase price.

There is absolutely no reason to drive an EV on a long trip. There are plenty of other options.
You can go beltless if the vehicle is a hybrid with a traction battery, and a MG instead of an alternator. The Prius uses a DC/DC converter to charge the 12v battery from the high voltage battery.

EV range isn't much of an issue to me, or most other rational people, but the typical consumer still has anxiety about the 2% of times they would drive beyond the EV 1-charge range. Range anxiety is real regardless of the extent of the problem.

I just ran some numbers through my spreadsheet comparing a $20k Honda Fit to a $30k Chevy Bolt. The 5 year cost for the Fit was $22,500 compared to the Bolt at 27,300. EVs are cost competitive if you buy them used and keep them a while, but they aren't cost competitive for the typical new car buyer who keeps a vehicle for 5 years.

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