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Originally Posted by jray3 View Post
Chevy is selling a long range CCS-equipped car into a national market with nearly zero CCS stations. TESLA saw this CCS vs CHAdeMO standards war coming, and also that neither standard was adequate for highway trips, so they built one better. American and German automakers are selling hobbled products until they either negotiate a license from TESLA, or at least kick-start the CCS infrastructure, as Nissan did for CHAdeMO after the Blink bankruptcy.

Stepping back from an obvious need and saying "not my job" is neither a way to get promoted nor grow your market share...
CCS can do 350 kW. CHAdeMO 65 kW. Tesla 120 kW. Tesla is being different just to be different.

That's OK though. Telsa is about to be crushed under a wave of new EVs from automakers that actually know how to make cars. We will see in 10 years who comes out on top.

I purposely purchased by Spark EV without DC charging and don't feel that the car is "hobbled" in any way. I've charged my car at a public station twice in 18 months and that was just to get the parking spot.

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