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Originally Posted by woodsrat View Post
I'm hip. I used to own a Honda MB-5 just to take to the True Grits 50cc Fun Run and racing that critter around in the mountains of north Georgia was a total hoot especially after I put a chamber on it. It sounded like I was going a zillion miles an hour but was doing good to make 55.

And yeah, that Varadero sounds sweet...
Sure does! I would love to have a dream 50, but they are STUPID expensive, and very rare. The ones that do exist are likely in the hands of collectors, not being ridden.

Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
I think your poll needs a "No, because I don't travel on streets much" option. Basically all my travelling is either in rural areas, or on divided highway going through the city to get to the other side. And there are a lot of mountains to climb...

My first motorcycle was a 305 or maybe 350 cc Honda, which was fairly adequate. Never owned anything bigger than a 650, and rode that across the US and Canada.
Well, that's what being able to reply is for! To give your opinion/explain your choice.
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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
You can lead a fashion-conscious horse to unusual-looking water...

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