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Originally Posted by spacemanspif View Post
...when the carpet gets wet and instead of finding the leak you just remove all the carpet
Well, at least it won't smell like a wet dog anymore

when you get tired of the sagging headliner and decide to pull all the fabric down and paint the fiberglass matt with a roller and grey paint
Pulling the fabric down, OK. Painting the matt, not so likely...

when you have dented doors and replace them with off-color versions to teach your wife what happens when she makes demands about the car that isnít herís
What I see more often is people just filling the dents and rust gaps with epoxy resin.

when your hood is backed into and the personís insurance cuts you a $1,000.00 check to fix it right and you buy a $40 junk yard hood; making the car covered in panels of 3 different colors
And in fact that $1000 bill is for a fix that's not really so much more expensive than the $40 junkyard hood, the only extra cost is to paint it in the color of the junker. Well, at least the color that matches it closer, since it's not that easy to apply a patina effect to match all the years of neglect...

when you kind of hate the fact you got alloy wheels with the car so you paint them black because you donít want to feel guilty about not cleaning them
I see people doing that even in newer cars, painting their alloy wheels some darker color that's only good to keep all the brake pad dust less noticeable. But they often claim doing that for "style"...
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