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. . . when your stick shift breaks off and you replace it with a fishing rod handle

. . . when the windshield wiper motor is broke so you pull off a wiper arm and hang your arm out the window wiping it manually when it rains

. . . when you break off the sunroof crank with it all the way open and have to drive around like that rain or shine

. . . when your idea of new tires is whatever you find for ten bucks at the u-pull place already on a rim that happens to fit your car

. . . when you have to plan out your entire route in advance because your car will only make right hand turns

. . . when the truck you had given to you has a funny looking toggle switch retrofitted on the dash and you flip it to the on position, then sit back and admire the warm orange glow as the wiring harness burns up

. . . when you spray paint it with a couple of cans of Rustoleum Hunter Green and it's never looked better

. . . when you spray paint the bottom half black with 99 cent paint so it will hide your crappy wheel skirt and grill block mods

. . . when rolling down the electric windows is a two-handed affair that involves hitting the door panel with your elbow

. . . when the drivers seat is a folding lawn chair

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