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Originally Posted by ksa8907 View Post
My point is: there are so many variables, how can anyone possibly say that any one particular thing is causing global warming? How can you make observations and come to an assumption based on experiments where you control zero variables?

Is the earth temperature rising? Yes. Are we at least partially at fault? Probably. Are there other things that are warming the earth also? Most likely.

How much of that blame/cause belongs to each variable?
We know what most of the variables do.

And many of the other variables are associated with lowering temperatures.

While one is associated with rising temperatures.

Guess which one? And guess what species is responsible for the doubling of the levels of said variable within the past two centuries?


Also, RE: 1600 "Little Ice Age" in regards to solar activity... you all know that the global temperature was under a degree colder than the previous millenium, right? Do I have to post this again?
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