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Wikipedia is attacked because it was and is a disruptive technology. Like many others, it was attacked by those whose stood to lose. And 'sovereign citizens' happily fall in line. Happens all the time.

I haven't ever edited Wikipedia, but when I find that copy of Oregon Times with the article on the Oregon Electric Railway, I'll edit the Wikipedia entry because it doesn't reflect the perfidy of GM and the others in the Great Streetcar conspiracy.

The wood-paneled cars were the ultimate in clean, quiet travel — the 1913 equivalent of a Hyperloop.

Why do people pick on Fox? My friends upriver don't even think its news. Don't they show it on broadcast TV? There seems to be a spectrum from CNN to Fox; they all look the same to me.

Kind of like watching TV weather compared to Suspicious Observers.
The only reason that the chicken is not gone extinct is because they're so delicious that we breed them at a very high rate to ensure that we don't run out of Chris Ray Gun

Don't Californicate Oregon

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