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When it did it yesterday, it reset about 4-5 miles into the 25 mile trip, but didnt lose the parameters. I soldered everything really good but Ill have to check for loose wires anyway. No splice taps.

It worked great everyday since I built it and got the wires oriented properly, about 2 weeks ago. Till yesterday of course. This morning I didnt touch it when I got in the car, it appeared normal, it displayed yesterdays mpg. When I started the car, it didnt update, and thats when I realized it was locked up so I hit reset. It went to the parameters screen and the default parameters came up so I knew it was all cleared. I pulled over and reset them and it worked fine all the way to work.

On the bench is where it is unusable. I dont have a way to put pulses into it on the bench though. Im using the same computer and same usb cable that worked just great before.

Edit: Though it doesnt explain the reset while driving, it could explain the reset while starting. Which will probably be worse for the next 9 months as the mornings get colder here and the voltage drops while cranking.

When I get off work, Ill plug it in USB again and check the voltage at the 5v pin with a multimeter. I checked it last week when fiddling with the display on USB power and it was basically 5v right on, like 4.95 or so.

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