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Ok this might be it, or at least the bench part.

On the bench, first plugging it in gives 4.95, but then after a couple seconds it drops to 4.78. Tried this several times, same values. And it still wont work on the bench.

In the car, it gives 5.01 regardless of whether or not the engine is running. Plugged it in and it seemed to work just fine. Ill have to check it on a cold morning and see what I get. But now I think about it, 9 volts input is technically still supposed to be ok, and if the car is below 9 volts the ECM wont work to let the car start anyway.

So maybe Ive got a bad USB jack or solder. Ill check it when I get home with a different cable and computer and see what happens, to see if it is the jack or not.

Maybe the incident yesterday was a hiccup in the car electrical system.

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