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I do understand the issue of speed differences, and in non congested situations I am certainly not adapting the safest method(car, not bike). Now, when it slows down in the lane next to me I try to keep the speed difference around 20 mph or less, meanwhile the sheeple will gladly keep a 70 mph speed difference. It just takes one person to pull out without looking and the situation goes to hell in a handbasket real quick.

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Very true.

I had an Indianapolis police officer tell me he'd quicker write up someone following the 50 MPH downtown interstate speed limit for "obstructing traffic" than he would someone for exceeding it.
That would piss me off to no end, and I would not hesitate to challenge it in court. That being said, a 50 mph speed limit on an interstate sounds like it would be ignored by literally everyone. There are electronic speed limit signs on my highway commute that will change depending on time of day(traffic), and when I am coming home with light traffic there is often a 45 mph limit on a section of highway. I gladly ignore it, as does everyone else. I believe the next speed limit sign(MAYBE a mile up the road) usually reads 65 mph.

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So exactly why do we have speed limits? Revenue generation.
How about this? I pay my taxes, maybe get a $200 tax stamp for supressor registration, and that's it. Those *******s aren't taking any more of my money. There are plenty of ****ty drivers out there using their phones, not paying attention, and overall not taking driving seriously, go steal their money.
(Not arguing, just ranting)

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Currently at 37,000 miles on my Honda Grom (95% of which are at WOT, AT OR above redline.) I ride it absolutely everywhere. 20 states, 2 countries, and still counting. It's my daily driver when it's not below 20 Fahrenheit and it isn't pouring rain. I absolutely love this little bike, it's dead reliable (air cooled shouldn't worry you) and fun in all environment other than the interstate...haha. MPG never drops below 90, and you should be able to get close to 125-150 with some hypermiling. Maintenance is cheap too. Top-tier Michelin tires are $50 each, and oil changes are 1 quart of oil and no filter.
If I wanted a grom I would have one already. No oil filter also doesn't excite me. I am planning to build a separate oil filter apparatus for filtering oil from engines that are unfortunate enough to not have their own filter, but haven't decided on details yet. Should I just cut open an oil filter and pour the oil into the cartridge, collecting what comes out, or do I pull an oil pump/filter assembly off a car/bike and use that to filter oil?

$50 MICHELIN tires sounds pretty awesome though.
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