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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
A belt-attached electric assist would do everything an electric supercharger would do, only more efficiently. This is the principle behind nearly every hybrid. ...
I understand, but there is something the e-turbo or e-supercharger does that the eAssist does not: reduce pumping losses. So if the eAssist is more efficient than a small e-Supercharger (is it?), we could imagine making the eAssist a little more efficient with a properly sized and tuned e-Supercharger to reduce pumping losses. I know it is not practical for ecomodders because it is way beyond bolt-ons and such. This discussion is just about conceptualizing. And yeah, we would want to downsize the engine, as well as capture waste heat in the battery. I noted that above, too. I get your point.

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
The Mercedes F1 engine serves as an advanced proof of concept for an electricity harvesting turbocharger in a hybrid vehicle.
Yeah, that's what I see too. Of course it is too expensive and complex for a Prius bolt-on. Greater range is more cheaply accomplished with a bigger battery. Greater power is more cheaply accomplished with a more powerful hybrid engine/motor or different tuning. But I like thinking about these combinations.

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