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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
Observing chimpanzees and their empathy, we see they are only good or care to their prole/babies or to the ones that can offer something. Small comunities fight with other small comunities.

Humanity evolution will need genetics to change our instints and make us a better, less savage species.
Humans aren't chimps.

And chimps do exhibit altruistic behaviour without expectation of reward, as do humans.

Charity of the apes

We both have the capacity for either savagery or altruism. Like many intelligent mammals. Dolphins, for example, have shown altruistic behaviour towards both humans other intelligent cetaceans, while at the same time exhibiting hostile and sometimes deadly intent towards same.

Yet the fact that the savagery exists does not erase the fact that *most* people in a population are benevolent in nature. Civilization would not exist otherwise.

You're looking at it as laws guiding human behaviour. Laws haven't been around as long as people have. Laws merely codify social conventions that were there in the first place.
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