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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Humans evolved for survival over 2 Million years to the current form 200,00 years ago as hunter gatherers. Altruism evolved to advance small tribes of related individuals. Outgroups were competitors. We have only become super social in the last 10,000 years and still have stone age neuropsychology in our modern skulls. Feel good transmitters that used to fire when we found and ate a rich food source now give instant gratification from greasy fast food and seeking out the purchase of the newest gadget, car, yacht. Outgroups are blamed for anything that goes wrong.
True enough.

But it is possible to make humans see others as part of the in-group.


It has been shown that travel and exposure to others lessens racist tendencies.

Social Media has the potential to make us all one big "tribe"... however, the biological imperatives you talk about do get in the way.

We'll figure it all out eventually.

Or die trying.
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