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To answer the question above, yes, you opt in to data collection when you sign up or purchase certain products. For example, the Facebook privacy policy is available to be read prior to creating an account. While I don't often read every word in a privacy policy, I do skim through them to get a general sense for their practices.

I care less about businesses collecting my info because I'm among the most difficult to market to. I'm very unsusceptible to tactics that would cause me to make a purchase based on emotion or convenience. Advertising is mostly wasted on me except for informing me that a product exists, and I seek out least marketed goods in general. Boycott any company running "You deserve" ads.

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I didn't realize I was so loud.

The last time I went to the Eugen Macintosh User's Group meeting I wanted to rant about Facebook and What did I get? Seeing my own face on the Club's Facebook page, posted with the presumption that I need have no voice in the matter.

Opting-in would be a nice option.
Well, my marriage certificate has "nunya" listed for my occupation. I had no idea when I applied for one that it would go on some official looking certificate. It annoys my wife about as much as it delights me. While individuals can judge me however they wish, the government has no business categorizing me as anything except a citizen of the US. It's appalling to me that I must apply for a marriage license. I'm not asking the government for permission to marry, and I regard their certificate as nothing. I have a natural right to associate and enter into contract how I see fit.
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