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Sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.....

Its his rig, let him do as he sees fit. All of us Jeepers are well versed in the "Honda mod," and who knows, through johnpr efforts he might make a more FE friendly Jeep.

A diesel would be a sweet swap, out here in the US your choices are limited if you wish to stay within the requirements of smog. The 2.8 out of the Libby is a problematic engine, AEV did it once and said what a major pain in the neck it was. In Johns case he'd need to find a VW oil burner 07 or newer to swap in and deal with adapting the engine to his rig. Can't do a 4BT or a 6BT due to age. Could do a 6BT if he used a Ram frame. So he can't do a whole lot engine wise. His rig is more aerodynamic than even your CJ, there is some potential to be had.

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