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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I'll probably never own a Tesla, but it would be nice to see the company succeed.

It sure seems like they're in a perfect storm of bad circumstances: Model 3 "hell"; the Model X fatality within days of the Uber fatality (if it's shown that autopilot was engaged, they're in big trouble); burning through cash; investors getting skittish.
This deserves its own thread; something about the future of automobile technology being at a critical juncture.

The images of that Model X crash are downright frightening, and prompted me to ask how often do ICE cars catch fire in accidents, vs. how often Tesla/electrics catch fire? Tesla's stock/bond valuations have been in freefall since the accident, and the news isn't getting better -- it's getting worse.

And the Uber pedestrian death seems to be pointing towards a foolish race to be first to market with autonomous driving technology. Turning off the very software that controls autonomous crash avoidance? Who in their right mind does that?

I think the next few weeks and months are going to be critical for the futures of Tesla (although not electric cars in general) and autonomous vehicles.

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