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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
A drug company which profit bilions with cronic disease for they have pattented drugs would have no interest in create a cure for the disease.
That's the beauty of competition and generics laws (you should read up on them).

The "patent" on drugs runs out quicker than it does on movies and music. Just 20 years.

8 of those years will involve research and clinical trials and whatnot.

So you only have a monopoly on those maintenance drugs for twelve years... after which any startup in China or India can start mass producing it for less than it costs you to print the packaging labels.


Then there are generic laws which allow you to research similar (but not identical) drugs and market them for the same conditions if you can demonstrate bio-equivalence. Major companies that do price-gouging have had to open up their own "generic" brands in some markets simply to keep market share.


And we're not even talking about competition yet. The first company to find a "cure for cancer" will be able to drive its competitors out of business.

If you think there is no profit in finding cures, then you don't know the industry... SARS, Bird Flu, Dengue, etcetera... there is BIG money to be had in being the first and only to have medicine for these conditions.

Do medical companies sometimes overprice their products? Hell yes. They gouge the hell out of rich patients in First World markets. Because that's the only way they'll make money back when they're forced to sell at a loss in poorer markets after spending billions on research and development.

The only way to prevent this? Have government pay for everything. From research and development to production. That way, we, as taxpayers, can contribute a huge chunk of our earnings to develop free gene therapies for the dozen or so people suffering from a rare genetic condition that they would otherwise have to pay a million dollars each for.

Research is not cheap. Like I said: Eight years, dozens of people on each team, tens of thousands of man-hours and laboratory time and the cost of equipment and etcetera. That money doesn't come out of thin air.

Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
When I say doctor, I do not refer to a f... paper or f... book of rules, but I refer to what happens in reality, the true events in day by day. What is the value of papers if they don't follow ther ethic code written into it???
I understood than in USA and Europe justice punish these people when they are catched. But in my country they go unpunished.
Again: That is not an issue with doctors per se, but an issue with the regulatory environment and law enforcement in your country.

Not all doctors are evil.

I owe my life... and then some... to the good will and charity of doctors.
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