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I live in California. Though I hate the CARB bureaucracy for its arcane and inefficient organization, I am very grateful for the effectiveness of the policy they administer. Cali air was poison and my family would be breathing it now if Californians had not had the sense to act. Californians were frequently warned not to go outside back in the 1970s. Many other metro areas in the US have been spared that experience as they sprawled because their states adopted Cali's standards. It is a significant public policy success. The politics of these efforts often make the seemingly simple choices, like taxing fuel, impossible. Who thinks higher taxes on gasoline will get through the Congress and get a presidential signature in the foreseeable future? So more arcane methods develop.

I am not so sure the Prius saves all that much money, or at least that there are consumers like me for whom it does not. Those who would absolutely be buying a new car, will save money if they choose a Prius over a $25,000 VW GTI with far lower gas milage. But if they buy a 4 door Chevy Cruze with the 6-speed manual for $18,000 they will save six or seven grand out the door, not have an expensive battery repair in the future and pull very similar freeway mileage 45-50 mpg, depending on the driver. I woukd pick the Cruze.

I hope the EPA does not weaken the standard because we need better standards (better than the existing one too). But I do not think any EPA change will stick because the administration is lazy and slipshod in its rule making and loses in court over and over. No matter what they announce, little will likely change except around the margins.

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